Anonymous asked: hi, my best friend and i are both bi, and we are really really close, people joke that we're already in a relationship, and the other day we were lying on my bed together and started kissing, one thing led to another and we had sex. i think i might like her, but i dont know if she likes me... i dont know how to ask her and i dont want to be rejected/lose her as a friend. (we're both girls) helpp

Communication is key to any successful relationship. It is better to ask then to be in the dark, or unsure about what both of you want. Talk with your friend, and tell her how you feel. Don’t be afraid of rejection. It is better to be rejected then to be lying about your feelings. 


Anonymous asked: Can I trust a gay friend with my secret if I have sex with him? I've tried subtly a couple of times to get him to make the first move with no success. I have also held back from making the first move as I have been confused about if I really want to do this as well as being scared of it backfiring. He's not my type relationship wise so it would just be a friends with benefits thing.

Be open and honest with your partner(s). Tell them what you want a head of time. If you want to be friends with benefits, tell them that. If you want them to keep a secret, TELL THEM. Do not assume that your partner knows or wants the same things you want. Communication is key to a successful relationship, and this is true for all types of relationships. 

If you want to make a move, ask your partner first. Then you will know if they are interested. It is better to ask for a kiss then to assume they want something that they don’t. 

Do not be afraid of rejection. It is better to be rejected then to cross a boundary or do something that makes someone else feel uncomfortable.


Anonymous asked: Okay so I'm a girl and very confused. I know for a fact that I'm attracted to boys and that I want a relationship with them but I have no idea how to feel about girls. I'm very very sexually attracted to them, and I've always been, but now I'm starting to maybe want a relationship with one. I want to try it out but I also don't want to start a relationship and find out half way through that that's not what I want. It wouldn't be fair to the other person. I'm just very confused and all :/

You can change your mind at any time. You are not entitled to stay in any relationship that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

Take it slow. Remember, you don’t have to identify yourself. Just do what makes you feel comfortable, and be open and honest with your partner(s). 

Discovering your sexuality can be a fun adventure. Embrace it, you can identify however you want to, or not identify at all.

I hope this helped,


Anonymous asked: How do I come out as a lesbian in a small conservative and religious town? I've told a couple people and they've all been super supportive.

Come out on your own terms. Make sure you tell your friends to not out you to other people, unless you want them too. If you already have support, that is a good start. Just start with who ever you want to, and come out on your terms and when you feel safe.

Good Luck!


Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm a senior girl about to go to prom with my girlfriend. I really want to wear a tux, but when i told my mom this she wasn't very happy and has brought it up to me almost everyday since, asking if I'll wear a dress. She knows I'm gay and has been pretty accepting. What do you think I should tell her so she'll understand that i don't like wearing girl clothes?

You should, calmly, ask her to respect you and your clothing choices. This is your style and your expression. not hers. 

Let her know that wearing dresses makes you uncomfortable. She shouldn’t pressure you into anything that makes you feel bad about yourself. 

Remember; this is your prom, not hers. You should wear what will make you happy, and what will help you enjoy the night!


Anonymous asked: a few family & friends r questioning if i am a lesbian because i wear jeans vans & a graphic tee,hoodie,3/4 sleeve everyday. I wear these things b/c i feel comfortable in these clothes & it makes me feel like myself. I also have more of a "edgy" style and they say its not "feminine" I have shoulder length hair too Many ppl even my boyfriend ask me why i cant be girly. I feel pressured to do so but when i do i feel like someone else. The delema is i am closet bi and im not ready to come out wwyd?

Come out when you are ready. take your time and make sure you feel safe and come out on your terms. 

Clothing has absolutely nothing to do with your sexual preference. Nobody just wears a t-shirt and suddenly becomes gay.  Feel free to dress how ever you want to. Wear what makes you comfortable, whatever that may be. Don’t let them tease you, or make you feel uncomfortable. You can wear whatever you want to, and be attracted to whoever you are attracted to. 

I would stand up for myself. Educate your partner that you wearing certain clothes makes you feel comfortable. If they respected you, they wouldn’t bully you about your clothing choices. 

I hope this helps,


Anonymous asked: I'm a lesbian but in the closet and I don't feel ready to come out and I have recently fell for a straight girl. any advice would help.

Take you time for coming out. You can, “come out” whenever you want to and whenever you feel safe. This is your life, and you may identify however you’d like to. You have every right to be who you are, and you have every right to come out when you want to. 

Falling for straight people is always hard. I would always just be honest about my feelings when I fell for my straight friends, but that might be tricky if you aren’t out yet.

I recommend reaching out to community LGBT centers, or Queer spaces, if you have them in your neighborhood, or access to them. There are also queer spaces online, which is so fantastic about tumblr! Its always nice to have support for when you are ready to come out, and especially support from queer folks.

Focus on yourself first, then relationships, or possible relationships, second. 


Anonymous asked: So I have recently just told my mom that I'm bi sexual however I feel more attracted to girls and that the label of lesbian would fit better. What do you think? Should I tell her or just not say anything?

Lexi: I am not a big fan of labels, especially when first coming out. The world is so new and there are so many things to experience.  With that said, if you feel like you fit your idea of a lesbian more, than call yourself a lesbian :)  

And mom’s are smart, she’ll figure it out soon enough <3  

Anonymous asked: My best friend casually threw this line into the conversation: "we could go on a double date when you get a boyfriend.. or girlfriend". I'm assuming she know what's up, but every time I try to tell her, I just can't. I'm 100% sure I'm bisexual, but I'm not sure whether to come out to everyone, because when I do, I feel like I'll have to do it again every single day. I don't date guys either because I feel like I need to tell him about my sexuality.

Lexi: I think he already knows about your sexuality.  AND from the sounds of it, it seems like he’s ok with it.  If y’all start talking about who you think is hot or not, just drop some girl names in the mix and that will probably be all the confirmation he needs

Anonymous asked: Do you have any advice on how to figure out if your gay or not. Everyone says its a phase or you'll just know or I should experiment... I kinda just want some answers or help

Lexi:  My personal opinion is that you should just go with the flow.  Labeling your self right now is not important. When people ask, just say you like people.  Later on, once you have figured it out, then try a label IF you want.